Wednesday Real Food Recipe – Toad in a Hole, with an Egg-Free Version

Toad in a Hole

I found out as I was writing this post that although I have been calling this dish “Toad in a Hole” for years and years, a true Toad in a Hole is actually a sausage dish. Huh, interesting! Does that mean I’ll be changing my ways any time soon? Nope! Not a chance. Part of the fun of this dish is all the different names it has. It is also known as Egg in the Basket, Frog in a Hole, Sunshine Toast, Moonstuck Eggs, and so, so many, many more names.

The other wonderful part about this recipe is

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10 Ways to Teach Good Body Image to Kids

Teaching Kids Good Body Image

One day, one of my daughters (I’m not going to say which one) was examining herself in the mirror. She turned around to get a view of her cute little caboose and said, “Wow, my butt sure looks fat!” Now, if you have ever seen any of my girls (see picture above for two of them), you know that “fat” is not a word anyone would ever use to describe any part of them. In fact, we have to watch them pretty closely to make sure they keep their weight up. So where did she come up with the idea that her butt was fat?

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Wednesday Real Food Recipe – Easy Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

It is finally here! The long promised, totally delicious, super easy clam chowder recipe. Marquis has become well known for this recipe, and it is the only clam chowder that my mom will eat. We made this recipe with some good friends who wanted to learn how to make Marquis’s famous chowder and decided this was the perfect opportunity to document the process and finally get it here on the blog.

Quick cooking tip: It saves me so much time and heartache when I

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Wednesday Real Food Recipe – Cranberry Orange Scones Redo

This Sunday morning I wanted a little bit of a fancier breakfast, and since it had been awhile since we had scones, I pulled up my recipe and got to cooking. That’s when I realized that my “Cleaned Up” Cranberry Orange Scones recipe still had white flour and sugar in it! We are babystepping into this whole real food thing, but I decided it was time to finish cleaning this up. I love this version even more, it turned out so yummy! I like to serve these with

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Wednesday Real Food Recipe On Hold, and an Update

Marquis and I spent Saturday evening showing some good friends how to make clam chowder at their request. The recipe is so simple and so delicious, and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Then, this morning as I was writing it I realized that we had somehow not taken any pictures of the finished product. Whoops! So keep

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I Need More Recipes! Wednesday Real Food Recipe


Lovely Mature Couple Enjoying Food in a Restaurant

Do you have a favorite recipe that represents Real Food? I want to hear about it! It can be a recipe from your own blog, from a blog you enjoy, one from an old family cookbook, or wherever! It just needs to use Real ingredients in a delicious way. Send me a link or the full recipe at I can’t wait to try out your yummy recipes!

Wednesday Real Food Recipe – Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

Marquis’s mom has always been able to make the most perfect, delicious dinner rolls. You really don’t need anything else to go with the meal, you just sit down with one (or two, or three) of those babies and enjoy. I used her recipe for years and years to make dinner rolls, and everyone raved about them! Unfortunately, as we made the move to Real Food, a lot of the ingredients didn’t fit with our new lifestyle.

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