Healthy Snacking – My Favorite Little Bean

hummus 2Just out of curiosity, do you call them chickpeas or garbanzo beans? I know both are correct, but I’m just wondering which most people use? In any case, I think I have discovered my new favorite snack, and garbanzo beans have become a staple in our pantry. Oh, I love them!

I love to toss chickpeas in olive oil with a little salt and some seasonings, either paprika or cumin or really just whatever smells yummy in the spice cupboard that day, and then I roast them in the oven until they are crunchy. Roasted garbanzo beans are yummyhummus 3 on salads, or even just by the handful!

My favorite way to use use chickpeas is in homemade hummus, and my favorite recipe is here, I make it at least once a week. Of course you can buy hummus, but I’ve found that with this as with so many things, nothing beats homemade! Sometimes I pull it out of the fridge with some veggies to dip in it as an appetizer while I’m making lunch, and by the time it’s time to each lunch I’m already full. And full of what? Fantastic veggie goodness with a big protein hit from those lovely garbanzo beans, and some good, healthy fat from the olive oil. I’m also always surprised how long hummus can keep me full.

I like to spread hummus on bread for sandwiches, or sometimes I even throw a few dollops in my salads.

But the best part about about homemade hummus? Nothing else makes massive amounts of veggies disappear into my kids’ bellies so fast! Just look at these happy girls.

hummus 6

hummus 5

Are you a fan of chickpeas, too? What’s your favorite healthy snack?

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