Hey you! Yes you, where are you from?

Welcome to my site! I’m so glad that you’re here.

I suddenly have a lot more people coming to play with me and learn about eating unprocessed food. I’d love to know how you found me. Will you please comment below and let me know who sent you my way? I’d sure appreciate it.

I’d also love if you’d comment tell me a little bit about yourself. You can find out a ton about me right here. Does my story resonate with you? Where are you on your own real food journey? (If you’re shy, you can send it to me at Emily@thatswhatieat.com instead.)

Most of all, I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE HERE! Yes, I just yelled at you, but it was a happy yell because I’m excited to have so many new friends. If you could see me, you’d also see a big smile and a little happy dance. I’m not known for my dancing skills, so it’s probably best that all you can see are my words and this pretty picture.

Closeup of fresh farm raised strawberries
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10 thoughts on “Hey you! Yes you, where are you from?

  1. I found you through your story on 100 Days of Real Food. My husband and I have been eating clean for 3 months now, and I am always looking for recipes and ideas to mix things up!

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