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Have you ever tried to find a place to eat that serves real, unprocessed food? It’s really hard to find! Between that and my daughter’s food allergies we really just don’t eat out very often at all. A few nights ago, though, we were caught out later than we had expected and needed to grab something on the road, and that’s when we found this little gem.

Jaxies in Spanish Fork, Utah, is a teeny little panini shop. The atmosphere is clean and really cute, with a fireplace and lots of books and magazines lying around, inviting you to hang out for awhile.

The service was great, too! The nice, young lady behind the counter was awesome when I explained my 5-year-old’s food allergies and said what I was thinking about ordering for her. She went through the list of ingredients with me to make sure everything was safe, and was really great when I asked her to please make the food away from where any peanut butter anything is made. Also, the food was delivered fast! This was after we’d had a big day and we were all starving, so we were happy to have the food arrive very quickly to the table.

I don’t like the look of most kids menus, and although this one was better than most it still came with chips and a juice box for the drink, and had next to no veggies. Why do all kids meals have to only include junk? Why!?! ¬†So my girls shared the turkey avocado wrap with just water to drink. I snuck a bite and it was yummy.

Jaxies 3Jaxies 4

Marquis had the cordon bleu bites, baby carrots, mashed potatoes and a little salad on the side. The fact that Marquis ate this, AND ate the leftovers the next day is huge! That doesn’t happen often.

jaxies 2

I had the chicken pesto panini. I love pesto! It was a pretty good sandwich, but it has been a long time since I’ve had white bread, I forgot how blah and bland it is. I also wasn’t too impressed that they served it with these “veggie straws,” although my girls loved them. In case you are wondering, veggie straws are just squarish potato chips with some food coloring and the teeniest amount of veggies possible and then fried in oil, you can’t actually count them as eating your vegetables.

Jaxies 1

If you really want to go with Real food, they had a whole list of salads that looked delicious and that I am going to try next time we go. Overall, we were very pleased with Jaxies and I know that we will be back!

Disclaimer: Jaxies didn’t give us anything to eat there, and had no idea I would be writing this review. All opinions expressed are my own.

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